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Mirage designs and produces porcelain stoneware floors and coverings for commercial, public and residential spaces.
Through solid expertise and "know-how", Mirage is able to install ceramic solutions that can enhance any design theme in an environmentally-friendly manner. The staff at Mirage have been designing new living solutions for 45 years, collaborating with more than 160 countries around the world. They place a strong focus on the latests trends and constantly carry out innovative research.

Mirage is a guarantee of stability and reliability, ensured by solid experience that has marked milestones in the development of porcelain stoneware. Thorough knowledge of materials, combined with hard work in research and development, has allowed Mirage to offer ever-more innovative solutions synonymous with reliability and quality.


All Mirage tiles are fully designed and produced in Italy.

The "Made in Italy" label is not just a sales slogan. Rather, it is an expression of a unique combination of values: professional ethics, social responsibility and respect for others. When it comes to human and ethical questions, the origin of a product truly is crucial. 


Quality and design: porcelain stoneware that is constantly evolving
The solutions that Mirage designs and supplies meet the demands of any setting - from airports to shopping centres, homes and public spaces. 


Mirage has been committed for years now to reducing environmental impact and making its products safer. This is not enough, however, and safeguarding the planet and its people requires an effort from all of us. It’s in our daily actions, both as individuals and as businesses, that each of us can adopt a responsible approach to our own health and the health of the environment. WE’RE READY... ARE YOU?